Gift a Pension

Gift-a-Pension Concept | Video 2:15m

30 million Indians work as domestic help - maids, cooks, drivers, cleaners, guards, car cleaners and gardeners.

None of them are eligible for a pension. Each of them therefore faces a high risk of extreme poverty for over 20 years once they are too old to work.

You can change this outcome for your own domestic help.

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Anjali, 45 | Housemaid

"There’s no-one to look after me in my old age. If I get a pension, I’ll be able to look after myself."

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Rajan, 44 | Driver

"I feel that my money is safe. And no-one can run away with it. That is why I’m now saving for old age."

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Nitin, 28 | Washerman

"A madam told me about micro-pension and explained the scheme on her laptop. Now I’ve opened an account for my wife and I."

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Gauri, 39 | Car Cleaner

"My son is doing well. But I don’t want to be a burden on him in my old age. I hope that one day I too will buy my own car and hire someone to clean my car."

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Gift-a-Pension is a national initiative led by pinBox inclusion - India's only social enterprise committed exclusively to pension and social security inclusion for informal sector women and youth