Online gambling is one of the most popular pursuits on the Internet. However, before one plays blackjack or poker, the first thing that a gambler would find out is the legality of the online casino they intend to play in. This is a vital concern because with the proliferation of online gambling sites, there is likewise a growth in the number of criminal activities. It is also important to mention that not all online casinos are legal. Some of them are regulated and others operate illegally. Here we will look at the different laws that regulate, legalize, or prohibit gambling ventures.

Online Gambling Laws are ExplainedThe first online gambling law is The Wire Wager Act. This law does not allow wire transfers in order to promote a gambling venture. This means that any transactions passing through the Internet that is connected to depositing or withdrawing of bets are prohibited. However, there is a contention that this cannot be true for online betting due to the fact that it makes use of wireless Internet as well as vulgar language. In this case, the Wire Wager Act can be applied only to betting on sports such as basketball or baseball.

In addition, this law applies only to establishments or sites that engage in the business of betting. Thus, the Wire Wager Act cannot be used to convict an individual who engages in betting but only on bookies and online casinos that are doing the business.

Meanwhile, the World Trade Organization has recently ruled in favor of Antigua Barbuda, a tiny island nation, which alleged that the United States has slowed down its lucrative online gambling business. It claimed that, as a result of the United States’ crackdown on gambling operators and advertisers, many online casinos closed down its business in the country.

In addition, in the United Kingdom, online gambling firms are now permitted to receive online bets within the United Kingdom. This new stand completely opposes the ruling in the United States. As a result of the continued crackdown of the United States against illegal gambling, Internet sports betting companies as well as online casinos were left with no choice but to set up their office on nearby islands like Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. The latest development in the United Kingdom is a sign of acceptance by a developed country that will eventually lead to the full regulation of Internet gambling, and the United States will most likely accept and recognize the British stand.

It is worth noting that in the United States only Nevada, Louisiana, and California have existing laws against betting online. However, there have been no reported arrests of American citizens making a bet on the Internet.