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Gift-a-Pension is an initiative led by pinBox. It was launched in India with HDFC Pension and in Kenya with Zamara and Prudential in 2021. It is also being rolled out in Singapore later this year. Gift-a-Pension encourages and enables middle and upper-middle income households to contribute to the retirement savings of their domestic help and family members.

pinBox is the only global social enterprise committed exclusively to pension inclusion for self-employed women and youth. We are working in multiple countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. pinBox uses secure APIs to integrate and leverage the existing digital financial inclusion ecosystem for pension inclusion. We use technology platforms and tools to make pensions, insurance and savings easy, simple, secure and affordable.

HDFC Pension is regulated by PFRDA. It is India’s fastest growing pension fund manager and manages over Rs.25,000 crore of retirement savings of everyday Indians. With over 9.5 lac subscribers, it is also the largest pension fund manager under retail and corporate NPS categories. The investment philosophy of HDFC Pension is to meet a consistent long-term return objective while exposing the fund to the least possible risk.

Micro-pension Foundation is a non-profit pension R&D agency based in India. The Foundation has collaborated with pinBox to jointly develop a P2P digital model and platform for delivering regulated pension and insurance products.


Gift-a-Pension is a national initiative led by pinBox Inclusion - India's only social enterprise committed exclusively to pension and social security Inclusion for informal sector women and youth.

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