Gambling addiction is caused by both genetic and chemical brain disorder. This causes a gambler to have some sort of a compulsive behavior when it comes to gambling. When a person is addicted to gambling, they play not for the sake of winning money, but they play just to satisfy their urge to take challenges and chances. They play for them to be able to satisfy their cravings for excitement and thrill.

Gambling is one of the industries the generates huge income in the United States. The gambling industry annually generates about billion dollars because of the people spending money for legal gambling. The government of United States promotes lotteries for them to collect taxes from the money that the people bet. When gambling was not yet legal in America about 60 to 70 years ago, a lot of states were trying to legalize gambling up until today. Now, there are only three states in the US that prohibits gambling.

What is Gambling AddictionYou will know if an individual is a gambling addict when his mind is preoccupied with gambling alone and it is the only thing that he wants to do each and every single day. Gambling addicts always find ways to get a good amount of money that they can use to gamble. They gamble more and more money until such time that they are already betting huge amount of money that can affect that personal finances. The moment they lose a huge amount of money, they will feel very depressed. With this, they may develop a sense of helplessness and guilt yet this is not a reason for them to quit. When this situation happens, they will borrow money for the other players for them to be able to pay their other debts that they used to gamble. Other even commits theft or fraud. Gambling addiction have already broken a lot of relationships, resulted to a loss of career or job. A gambling addict becomes a liar when people asks them what happened to them just to hide the gambling problem that they are in.

There is a way to treat gambling addiction and the very first step in resolving this problem is that a player must learn the act of acceptance. He or she must accept and admit that they a gambling problem for them to be helped. When a player is aware of the problem that they are in and the people around them also know about it, they can work hand in hand in solving the problem.